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Trinity Financial Joins Mount Vernon’s Library Square Team

MOUNT VERNON, NY -- (December 14, 2020) -- The New York Housing Conference (NYHC) honored Trinity Financial with the distinction of being the best developer of the Year 2020. The company which began work in New York in 2013, will be the newest member of the development team for what is commonly known as the Library Square project in Mount Vernon, NY. “Trinity Financial is a community-driven, diverse team of real estate professionals with a proven track record of developing urban sites from New York to Greater Boston,” the NYHC said in its announcement of the award. “Trinity has a reputation for delivering high-quality multifamily projects resulting in a stronger urban fabric – with a commitment to people, place, and partners. They care about the communities where they invest because they live and work there too.”

The 20 S 2nd Square CMV/ Library Square new construction project planned for Mount Vernon’s downtown will consist of up to 340,000 square feet of mixed-use development space containing approximately 320 mixed-income residential units and up to 18,000 square feet of non-residential space. The proposed project will provide parking and bike storage in the basement, allowing the first floor to be devoted to active street-level uses (residential lobbies, retail and community spaces). The upper floors will house the residential units, building amenities and shall set aside square footage for community benefits such as flexible artist spaces. The residential program will include affordable, artist preference, workforce, and market-rate units.

As the newest member of the 20 S 2nd Square CMV/ Library Square development team, Trinity joins another award-winning developer, Carlton Brown, a founding member of the US Green Council. Minority developer Carlton Brown has received numerous accolades for creating thriving communities through development projects. Beyond the building itself, the all-minority development team will address the social needs of young people as well as the economic deficiencies left by COVID-19 on multiple Mount Vernon residents who will struggle with employment and employability as more business close and some business sectors are earmarked never to return. The development team will be mindful of job creation for Mount Vernon residents as the project moves forward. To satisfy the needs of Mount Vernon’s young people, the development team chose as its leading community partner, Youth Community Outreach Program (YCOP). YCOP is a major Mount Vernon based organization welcoming all children, youth, and young adults regardless of their race, culture and or socioeconomic status in after school, summer school and out of school programs.

In just the last 7-years in New York alone, Trinity has underway or completed development projects totalling $661 million, with over 1,100 housing units and more than 100,000 square feet of retail, commercial, or community space. A well-established company, Trinity together with its property management division, Trinity Management, has a total of 300 employees with decades of experience in the development and management of transformative real estate projects. Commitment to diversity is also a core value for Trinity. The company is 50 percent minority-owned, with a senior staff that is 67 percent women and/or minority. Trinity’s projects consistently exceed goals for minority and women-owned business sub-contracting and workforce hiring by up to 150 percent. Its overall accomplishments in the last 30 years include more than $2 billion in innovative development, delivering high quality, sustainable, multifamily housing, ranging from affordable to luxury - all with a commitment to people and place. “This award means a lot, because we established our practice in New York with the goal of bringing our community focused brand of development to the city not knowing how we would be received,” said Trinity’s Managing Director Kenan Bigby. “That the New York Housing Conference has recognized what we have achieved in this short time is extremely gratifying, and we appreciate the honor deeply.”

Members of the Trinity team at the ribbon cutting from left to right: Donald Notice, Executive Director - West Harlem Group Assistance; Christoph Stump, Vice President, Design & Construction - Trinity Financial; Sadio Desmond, Director of Special Projects - Trinity Financial; Kenan Bigby, Managing Director - Trinity Financial; Stacey Polishook, Administrative Assistant - Trinity Financial; Mike LeBrun, Vice President, Asset Management - Trinity Financial, and Thomas Brown, Vice President Development - Trinity Financial.


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