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Dear Friends, 

Have you missed your paper and are wondering what happened to The Westchester County Press?  Our printer stopped the presses and closed his shop for six weeks during this Coronavirus pandemic for the safety of his employees.  We hope to resume printing hard copies of the paper later in May. We are working to provide copies of the papers you missed online and are updating our Facebook presence to keep you up to date on what's going on in the community.

Over the last nine decades, The Westchester County Press’ mission has been to serve the African American community by bringing you, positive news about our neighbors and government leaders. We continue to welcome your legal notices, ads, articles, columns, and events to the community calendar, which connects us all. We want to ensure that our readers continue to get our news and that we are accurately preserving our history about us, for us, and from us – news that no one else is providing.

I want to say thank you to ALL supporters of The Westchester County Press and wish you ALL safe, healthy, and good quality time with your loved ones.  Bookmark our page and let's keep in touch!


Sandra T. Blackwell


Media Kit:

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