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The Vaccine, The Mask, and Our Children

First let us say the vaccine saves lives. The life of the person vaccinated and the lives of those they come in contact with. The low deaths, if not no deaths, of those vaccinated should be proof for the doubters. Second, masks save lives as evidenced by the statistical non spread among those wearing masks covering their mouth and nose. This is a scientific fact well documented. The combination of vaccines and masks save lives. The virus is not political, only its victims. This brings us to the issue of our children. All our children are victims without our intervention. We can not give them a vaccine, but we can give them masks and we know the masks work against the virus.

Question: Why put the children at risk with our own personal issues? If the masks work and children are given the opportunity to understand why it’s necessary, then we save little lives and that’s more important than party politics over the virus. Until the vaccine is approved for children, masks should be a requirement and the priority should be saving the lives of our children as well as ourselves.

Finally, all elements of government, federal, state, county and local as well as businesses should require the vaccine and those who object have a right to file lawsuits to sell the issue. The lives of our children are more important than litigation. Let’s take the vaccine, wear the masks and live. Too many lives have already been lost due to foolishness over vaccines and masks. Let’s get real serious about the vaccine, the masks, and our children.


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