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The Unquenchable MAGA Thirst

Many may have thought Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Let me out do Trump” strategy was just an easy way to get votes. They may have been partially right.

Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s doubling down -- going further right than both Trump and DeSantis -- on his “I’m best to lead that ‘America First’ agenda” is gaining considerable momentum.

His rocket ascension among the remaining Republican presidential candidates, as a first-time politician, reveals an unquenchable thirst for this ideology among a certain group of voters in America.

It could also explain why six of the current Republican contenders were tripping over themselves in the first debate to support Donald Trump if he were to win the Republican primary.

What’s worrisome, however, is despite Trump’s current legal woes, an August Marist College poll shows him in a statistical tie (47%/46%) Biden/Trump split for the 2024 general election.

The question is, given President Biden’s progress on the economy (unemployment at a low of 3.5%, nationwide infrastructure investments; American manufacturing has ticked up), is the Democratic political strategy working?

Derickson K. Lawrence is a resident of the City of Mount Vernon.


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