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The End of Black History Month and Our Challenge

Now that Black History Month has come to an official end, it is important, now more than ever, that we not only continue to review and remember our history and those that contributed to it, but also that we take up the guardianship of all our gains and not let new attacks destroy them.

I speak specifically to the “Jim Crow, 2 plus 2” attacks now underway in states like Florida and Mississippi. While the Governor of Florida would stamp out Black history, we must not only fight in the legislature itself, but take the battle to the courts as attorney Benjamin Crump is doing, to stop the efforts to remove books and discussions about race. We must rally to support the people of Jackson, Mississippi as they fight efforts to create a new segregated judicial district, in the heart of Jackson’s Black community, that would empower White control of all legal aspects of life in a city with an elected Black Mayor. This is an effort to institute “apartheid” and nullify the U.S. Constitution within a state that is a part of these United States. We can assume that the U.S. Supreme Court, which has been stacked with Trump judges, would certainly find a way to uphold such actions much like we have seen before in a Segregated South.

These restrictive legislative proposals pending in the Mississippi State Legislature must be watched closely as we not only seek to support our brothers and sisters in that state and stand guard against such efforts in other states. We know from our history that we do have the ability to self educate. We do have the ability to organize and vote to replace those in office who would legislate against our interest.

No. Black History is now everyday as we continue to make history by how we live. What we do today is the history of tomorrow.


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