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Thankful, Grateful, Teens.To whom much is given, much is expected.

Thankful. Grateful. Teens.

Food insecurity is a serious issue for people in the United States and the pandemic has worsened the problem for many families.

To help ease the burden, under the leadership of Lead Teen Advisor Siobhan Malcolm, the Mid Hudson Valley TEENS of Jack and Jill of America adopted three families, from the Peekskill Department of Social Services for the holiday by providing full Thanksgiving feast baskets, with all the trimmings.

Teen Vice President Kya Jackson who led this initiative states, “Through our efforts, each teen member willingly donated $20 and a total of $400 was collected. All donations went toward purchasing food. We are thankful to be able to support our community and believe in giving back. We will continue to use our power to make a difference by serving others during this critical time. It made us feel good.”

On Tuesday, November 24th, Co Chairs Chelsea and Kya went shopping on behalf of the Teens. On Wednesday, November 25th, the Teens met on the steps of Social Services to deliver the baskets.

The Teens later shared how much they appreciate their teen advisors and the committee chairs, Mothers Monica and Diann for their role in making this all possible.

Submitted by Monica Jackson.


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