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Tasha D. Young distinguishes herself as a problem solver for Greenburgh’s most vulnerable seniors

In a surprising turn of events, Tasha D. Young distinguishes herself as a problem solver for Greenburgh’s most vulnerable seniors.

On March 19th, a special live recording of Black Westchester magazine’s internet radio show “People Before Politics” aired. A panel of guests, including Federal Housing Commissioner Renee Robinson, Housing Authority Chair, Bishop Wilbur Preston, Housing Authority Board member Fred Campbell, Consultant to the Housing Authority Teri Morton, John Savage, Esq., and Town Supervisor Paul Feiner came on to rebut the Commissioner’s February 24 letter.

In her letter, she lists a number of concerns as to both the removal of the Seniors from the Manhattan Ave. Senior building site, the timing of the move, and the pending move of 85 more families, which could equal over 100 people because now we are speaking about families being moved for the renovation project.

Ms. Robinson has remained steadfast in her advocacy for the tenants she represents in the Federal Building sites. She wrote that some of the seniors’ rent has increased due to their subsidies for heat being removed, after they moved out of the housing authority proper. She outlined in her letter that some seniors do not have heat, and some are unhappy with the move.

Ms. Robinson has repeatedly been called a liar by every person in power and in a decision-making capacity concerning her complaint, up to and including the Town Supervisor, Mr. Paul Feiner, that is how systemic racism plays out. Policies and practices and laws that benefit one race over another, in this case all but one of the seniors moved, is black and on fixed incomes.

The practice of calling an elected commissioner who represents those in public housing, who are predominantly persons of color and lower wage fixed i ncome recipients, a liar is untenable for an elected official.

The behavior of the Supervisor is of particular note since he is touting the success of the COVID angels outreach as the hallmark of how he helps people. What about the Seniors from the Manhattan Ave complex? They have been removed from their home, during the height of the pandemic. That is an unrefuted fact. They were scared, that is a fact, some are happy, some are not. It is the responsibility of the Government and those that represent it to ensure all residents are well responded to in times of crisis. The Town Supervisor failed to do so.

Even though the Supervisor and Board and at least one Council person have called the Commissioner a liar, her letter prompted them to do the right thing, check on the Seniors. They should thank her for correcting their behavior and neglect toward the MOST vulnerable in the

Town, Seniors and low income persons.

During the live taping Ms. Young set herself apart from the pack, and has been stallworth in defending the residents who are dissatisfied and scared about the pending move of the families. She offered an olive branch to try to solve this problem of displacement and removal.

“If one Senior i s unhappy it is incumbent on the Town to ensure why and problem solve. Let’s put cooler heads to the table and figure this out.” In a riveting testimony from Greenburgh housing authority resident, Lorraine Frazier, she cried while explaining that she has no heat, has to walk up a flight of stairs to get to her new temporary apartment, and told the story of another senior who had no food. She further stated that her rent increased $65. Her testimony moved Ms. Young who pointed out that wellness checks need to be made immediately, she asserted to the Supervisor ‘ this is not a volunteer operation, l ike the COVID angel program, you need professionals who know how to work with Seniors. Social workers, visiting nurses, adult protective, trauma, grief, and mental health counselors, you should partner

with the County.”

The consultant to the housing authority, Teri Morton, asked Ms. Young to assist her in finding those resources, Ms. Young agreed and made her phone number public in the chat of the virtual show. She has not heard from Ms. Morton.

“This is not about the election, this is about a course correction for our Seniors.” A very apropos sentiment from longtime Greenburgh resident and now Elmsford, NY, homeowner, Ms. Tasha D. Young.


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