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Rep. Bowman Secures $5.4 Million in Resources for NY-16

When Jamaal Bowam first got to Congress, he made clear his goal to bring as many resources as possible to our communities — including the YMCA.

Today we’re honored to share that Representative Bowman has secured over $5.4 million in federal funding for our communities. Of that, almost $1 million dollars will go to YMCA programs across NY-16, providing necessary upgrades and resources to focus on afterschool programs for students and children and swimming opportunities for both youth and adults alike.

Many people have been positively impacted by the YMCA across generations and in various ways. The Y saves lives each and every day. They support our communities, and they support those who are most affected by injustice in our communities.

In addition to the massive amount of funding for NY-16 YMCA programs, Jamaal also secured:

• $100,000 to Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, Inc. for expanding behavioral health services for homebound elderly and disabled adults to help reduce the impact of mental health challenges.

• $500,000 to the Riverbay Fund in Co-op City for improving access to green space and promoting waterfront resilience in America’s largest affordable housing development.

There’s so much more work that needs to be done if we want to see the true vision of our progressive values come to light — but we know this is a step in the right direction. And we can’t wait to continue supporting Jamaal as he continues this much-needed work.


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