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Plurality of Greenburgh Democratic Leaders Vote to Endorse Tasha D. Young for Town Supervisor

Greenburgh, NY- The Town of Greenburgh is experiencing a momentous political shift. This week the Town Democratic Committee held a vote among it’s district leaders to decide endorsement in the primary contest for the Town slate. A plurality of the vote went to insurgent candidate for Town Supervisor, Tasha D. Young who is looking to unseat 29 year incumbent, Paul Feiner.

Ms. Young announced her candidacy earlier this month and in the two and a half weeks following, embarked on a conversational campaign hosting virtual gatherings of fellow district leaders to introduce herself and listen to their concerns. Undergoing scrutiny for having lived outside the town for a time and having returned, Ms. Young maintained, “Without public housing, I could not afford to stay in Greenburgh as a college educated, young professional raising a family. Putting my daughter through college was one of my proudest moments, but I was priced out of my beloved hometown. This is the story of the Greenburgh migration of people aged 25 to 35 who grew up here, were educated in our schools but who can not afford to live and thrive in their own hometown.”

A remarkable and diverse coalition of local leaders nominated Ms. Young led by Eric Zinger of Hartsdale and seconded by Shari Rosen Ascher of Dobbs Ferry, Also seconding the nomination, the Honorable Alfreda Williams, who resides in Fairview, served as Greenburgh’s first Black female Town Clerk and currently serves as Vice Chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators. The historic moment and resulting preliminary vote count affirmed Ms. Young is not running as an outsider, having garnered 42% of the votes with an astonishing 18% abstaining to endorse the 29 year incumbent, Paul Feiner.

Proclamations from supporters that “three decades is enough” will seemingly continue to propel Ms. Young’s intrepid candidacy. In an unusual arrangement, the committee agreed to distribute nominating petitions for both candidates. They will support Ms. Young’s campaign by helping her gather nominating signatures. Reflecting on the week’s events Ms. Young explains, “while I am grateful for the support of my fellow district leaders, and winning the plurality of the vote, I am most grateful for having been able to engage in a healthy public discourse about governance in our town. This campaign was never about getting the party’s endorsement, and we are thankful for their support with petitioning. Now we take it to the people, the voters will decide.”


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