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Father of two kidnapped boys pleads for NYPD to send out an amber alert

Jeremy Bascom, father of Malachi and Nehemiah Bascom, held a press conference recently in front of PS/IS 116, The William C. Hughley School. Mr. Bascom last saw his kids the morning of November 10, 2022, before they went to school. “I never imagined that I would send my kids off to school, an environment that is supposed to be safe and nurturing and they would never return home,” said Mr. Bascom. “I am pleading with the police, elected officials and the public to help me locate my children,” added Mr. Bascom.

On November 10, 2022, at approximately 4:30 p.m., Mr. Jeremy Bascom’s two children, Malachi (age 12) and Nehemiah Bascom (age 10) were taken by their non-custodial parent, Ms. Christina Young-Dawkins, from the NY Edge After School program located at P.S/I.S. 116Q (107-25 Wren Pl, Queens, NY 11433). Ms. Dawkins threw the kids’ cell phones away near the school so they could not be tracked.

Despite the school and after-school program being informed of a Court Order that Ms. Dawkins was not authorized to pick up the children, the school and the afterschool program allowed Ms. Dawkins to take the children.  The children have not been heard from or seen since November 10, 2022.

Mr. Bascom has been in contact with NYPD’s 103th precinct to no avail.

“It is our hope that the Police will issue an amber alert and the media can assist in the efforts to help reunite Mr. Bascom with his children.” Said Terry Hinds of the Hinds Law firm, Attorneys for Mr. Bascom. “Many families will be reunited this Thanksgiving in celebration of this national holiday, we pray that Mr. Bascom gets to share this holiday with his children,” added Hinds

“The Court of Appeals ruled years ago that a parent can be charged with kidnapping their child, this is a criminal act!” Said Richard St. Paul, Civil Rights Attorney and Of Counsel to the Hinds Law firm. “We call on the police and elected officials to do all they can to ensure the safe return of (Malachi and Nehemiah), and then we ask that Ms. Dawkins face justice for this egregious abduction and violation of the court order,” added St. Paul 

If anyone has any information: Please contact Detective Granshaw, 103 precincts @ 917-698-8252 or the Hinds Law firm at 718-801-9416.


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