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Dr. King’s Legacy. Your Action.

From the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged our society to come together and fight against the evils of racism, hate and bigotry that divide us.

His words inspired us. But it was his actions that led us forward.

And just as Dr. King led in his time, it is up to those of us committed to dismantling racism, pushing for change, and advocating for justice to take action and lead in our time.

It’s in that spirit – and prompted by the urgency of this moment – that the NAACP has stepped up to push foundations, corporations and brands to not just declare that Black lives matter but to boldly confront injustices. And the results have been dramatic and impactful:

• Organizations such as Nasdaq are putting in place measures to ensure board diversity for companies listed on the stock exchange.

• Philanthropists such as MacKenzie (Bezos) Scott have contributed millions to support the critically important role of HBCUs.

• And foundations such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have invested in new approaches to advancing health equity.

The support of new partners, along with supporters like you, have helped the NAACP continue the critical work we do day-in and day-out in communities across the country. We have assisted Black businesses, uplifted Black entrepreneurs looking to grow or scale, provided housing grants to families at risk of foreclosure during the coronavirus pandemic, and challenged racist policies and practices through the courts.

Together, we have made unquestionably incredible progress. But it’s just as undeniable that much work remains to be done before we can say that Dr. King’s dream has been fully realized.

So as we commemorate Dr. King, I encourage you to honor his legacy of action by taking action yourself and become a member of the NAACP or gift a membership to a friend or family member to help expand our reach in the fight to make America more just.

I’m proud and honored to know you are standing with us today and every day. And I look forward to continuing our bold, crucial work together in the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks for all you do,

Derrick Johnson


President and CEO, NAACP


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