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Councilwoman Shanae Williams Announces Her Candidacy for Westchester County Legislative District 16

Yonkers, NY January 9, 2023 – Today I am announcing my candidacy for Westchester County Legislator of the 16th District.

Today marks the day the residents of Yonkers’ 16th Westchester County Legislative District can expect accountability, transparency, and above all else, action from your County Legislator. I am running for County Government to ensure that we finally address issues that affect our everyday quality of life such as homelessness, affordable housing, better youth supports and safety nets, and equitable access to county resources. 

My experience, history and record on the City Council, coupled with my dedication to the community has primed me to serve as the next County Legislator. I have been a resident of the 16th District for over 24 years. I have spent 12 years working in city government with the last 6 years on the City Council creating policies and initiatives that impact the people of Yonkers. These include fighting for more affordable housing, providing funds for education, youth programs and nonprofits, creating the homeless task force that led to solutions for this vulnerable population, allocating funding for our public servants including police, fire and public works employees, and having invested in the city’s infrastructure while focusing on climate solutions.

The County Board is responsible for providing checks and balances to the executive branch, to oversee and balance the county’s budget, and to set common sense policies that will serve all residents countywide. In addition, Legislators are responsible for resolving issues of public health, social services, affordable housing, public safety, environmental challenges and more.

I believe in democracy and earning the vote of the people. I believe that any candidate who wants to make an impact as a leader must take their case to the people by sharing their views, their record, and an action plan for change. Through my record as a Councilmember, I continue to produce results as a leader who focuses on outcomes. I am optimistic that after a review of my record and ideas, the voters of the 16th district will vote for me as their next County Legislator to bring the much-needed change and a breath of fresh air to the county.


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