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Congressman Bowman Calls Out the Extremist Right-Wing Supreme Court for Dismantling Our Democracy

MOUNT VERNON, NY – Today, Congressman Jamaal Bowman Ed.D. (NY-16) spoke out against the Supreme Court’s shameful decisions to end affirmative action, strike down student debt relief, and give businesses a constitutional right to discriminate.

Rep. Bowman called for voters who are upset with the extremist right-wing court to turn out to vote so legislators can pass major reforms to the institution, bring transformational change to our country, and uplift millions of Americans.

On recent decisions:

“Their decision to strike down Joe Biden’s student debt cancellation policy is strictly political, and it does exactly what we have all seen them doing over the last several months. They want to take away our civil rights. They want to take away our voting rights, our human rights, women’s rights. They want to make our country more dangerous by expanding concealed carry permits. They don’t want Black people to be educated. That’s why they banned universities’ ability to use race in admissions decisions.”

On misconduct by Justices and needed reforms:

“They are taking lavish trips with billionaires, and taking gifts from billionaires, and allowing billionaires to pay the tuition to their children’s schools. The Supreme Court is illegitimate. It is corrupt. It needs reform, expansion, ethics reform, term limits, and we need complete democracy reform at every level of government.”

On the court’s motives:

“The Supreme Court is obviously not here to work for the American people. The Supreme Court is not here to serve our democracy or our constitution. The Supreme Court is here to serve oligarchs. They’re here to serve billionaires. They’re here to serve large corporations. They’re here to serve white supremacy, white patriarchy, and nativism.

On voting:

“None of this [reforms] happens if we don’t have 100% of the American people voting in every single election next year for president, for Senate, for House, and all the local elections. We don’t have time to complain and whine and stay home and say it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t work for you, or us, because we’re all not exercising our power…. We do not have George Floyd Justice in Policing, we cannot codify Roe v. Wade, we can’t do anything on gun reform, because we do not have the right people in office.”


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