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Changing the World Through Inspiration Using Politics and Music

PEEKSKILL, NY -- Former Mayor of Peekskill, New York, Andre’ Rainey, is now on the road to change the world through inspiration using politics and music. Few things are more inspirational than positive, powerful music and these artists have come together to change the world through music. “There’s a song for every emotion and experience in life, why not make more positive emotions and life experiences?”

Next spring, Noo Moves Entertainment is hosting the second Inspire to Change the World concert at the Paramount Theater in Peekskill, New York.

“Changing the world starts with informing people of what can change. Then implementing action behind it and we don’t wait for opportunities, we create them,” said Andre’ Rainey.

Gathering three of the most recognized and powerful artists, Andre’, also known as “Noodle Noo,” is ready to change the world.

• Jason Gisser is performing and dedicating his performance to Depression Awareness and getting through it. Whether alone or with help. “I sufferedfrom depression. One if five people suffer from depression. It’s not easy to dealwith, but I’ve found ways to grow, and I want to help others. Especially those whomay not recognize it.” -Jason Gisser

• Ella ‘Lazel’ Morales is performing and dedicating her performance to Suicide Prevention awareness and personal healing to find ways to cope with life well enough to realize life is always worth living. “You’re waking up,so there’s a purpose for you. Give your life a mission statement. People let us down, and for those who believe, God will get you through. For those who don’t, Love and healing will get you through.” -Lazel

• Shaquawn “Q” Williams is performing and dedicating his performance to Love and forgiveness. Remembering what it’s like to feel loved and the relief of stress when you forgive and move on with your life. “We must get back to love. The biggest thing God gave us is love. We need that now, more than ever. With love comes understanding, forgiveness, progress, and unity.” -Q Williams

• Andre’ ‘Noodle Noo’ Rainey is hosting and performing and dedicating his performance to Shared Parenting awareness and mental health needs for children in divorced and separated homes. “The best interest of our children should be the only interest of our adults. I’m here until we get there.” -NoodleNoo

“As an artist, I’ve learned politics dictates how we live very often, and music dictates how we feel. Music can move us to the heights or depths of emotion. It can lift us out of depression when nothing else can and lately, a lot of people are depressed. The pandemic has impacted so many people and some haven’t sat down long enough to realize the impact yet. This is going to be a great night, with great artists, delivering great messages through great music. With such a diverse crowd of people already planning to attend, this will surely be the beginning of changing the world.”-Andre’ Rainey

Audiences will feel elevated after a show like this one. Inspiration works towards change better than any other feeling. Some of the greatest people to achieve their goals were consistently inspired by something or someone. It reminds us that we’re often more capable of accomplishing something than we think we are.

Family, friends, fans and anyone interested can also follow this show on Instagram@NooMovesEntertainment, @Change_The_World_pt2. For more details, email us at

** Tickets will be on sale on the Paramount Theater website or you can contact us via email at or via text at 702-466-7437. All ages are welcomed to attend the event, April 28th.

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