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A Mount Vernon Company – ARIS Energy Solutions and Partners Win Federal Dept. of Energy (DOE) Award

Aris Energy Solutions announces that it has been selected for a Department of Energy funding award for its proposal “Modular Fuel Cells Providing Resiliency to Data Centers and Other Critical Power Users.” Aris celebrates this $2.66 million 3-year award with its esteemed program partners–the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), West Virginia University (WVU), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Gaia Energy Research Institute, and Velocity Data Centers. NASA has adopted the technology for NASA’S Independent Verification & Validation Building in Fairmont, WV: renamed in honor of the late talented Ms. Katherine Johnson of “Hidden Figures”.

Founded in 2013 and led by executives with decades of experience in the electric utility, engineering, construction, and fuel cell industries. Aris Energy is a Mount Vernon, New York based company with fuel solutions to a broad range of US markets. Aris stands confident in demonstrating how modular fuel cells integrated with other Distributed Energy Resources will present RESILIENCY to a power system! Resiliency in the system prevents extended power outages for home or small business due to weather anomalies or pre-emptive utility shutdowns. Aris’ partners across Asia, Australia & Europe have been deploying Residential Fuel Cells for years. Additionally, the fuel cell generates power on-site and is cleaner than the grid. It is estimated that fuel cells cut carbon dioxide Emissions by up to 50% compared to Natural Gas fired power plants. Fuel cells run on hydrogen which is abundant in the atmosphere, and they emit water droplets.

Steve Almeida, Aris’ Director of Fuel Cells and CHP, and who was introduced to modular Fuel Cells and Batteries, while serving aboard Nuclear Submarines commented: “We are grateful for this opportunity with the DOE, our partners, FCHEA and SOLIDpower to bring a Resilient fuel cell-based energy solution to the markets. Our scalable solution will increase Energy Efficiency, enhance Electrification, minimize downtime – ensuring Resiliency, while decarbonizing Data Center operations. In a present/post COVID-19 World, critical power is where we need it most, in our homes and businesses. Hence, small capacity fuel cells will prove a preferred medium transitioning towards a hydrogen economy, as we will also demonstrate functionality via hydrogen/natural gas blend. Additionally, we honor the past with our own hidden figure in the shape of a fuel cell to power critical infrastructure at NASA! In my opinion, it is a befitting tribute to continue paying homage to incredible women of distinction – as we now have a Madam Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris.”

The core fuel cell technology, the modular/scalable BlueGEN micro fuel cell was developed by SOLIDPower, a European company with facilities in Italy and Germany. Aris is currently installing early units in the U.S. and will demonstrate a key feature that will be integrated into the fuel cell system: Resiliency. Near term targeted markets include small/distributed data centers and other critical power users, some of which are in the small commercial segment, and multi-family residential. Through both the kW size scale-up and cost reductions that are incorporated into this DoE program plan, the markets will broaden to include Medium Size Commercial, Institutional, Municipal, and larger scale Data Center/Critical Power users.

Separately, but closely aligned with the goals of the DoE program, Aris is installing BlueGen units in “real world” applications. Lou Lombardozzi, Aris’ Director of Engineering & Project Development who spent 30-years working at New York Power Authority before moving to Con Edison, said: “We’re pleased to announce grid interconnect approval allowing for BlueGEN installation in a single-family home. This achievement enhances commercial readiness; an objective of the DoE program.”

Dan Connors, Aris’s COO and Co-Founder, added: “The market has made its two key needs truly clear: Resiliency and De-Carbonization. Beyond the Resiliency goal of this program, we seek to advance BlueGen’s current ability to decarbonize buildings and facilities of all types. We believe the BlueGen fuel cell can become a key part of a Resilient and decarbonized energy infrastructure.”

In early 2019, New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, made one of the US most aggressive moves towards clean energy for his state. He called for massive reductions of fossil fuels phased over the next two decades. As a New York based company, Aris is proud to announce that it has secured a contract within its home state. National Grid will use fuel cells for a Residential Pilot Program in Brooklyn. This will launch enormous opportunities for fuel cell technology in New York.

Aris Energy Solutions appreciates its many friends and industry colleagues at the organization Environmental Leaders of Color (ELOC)- formed by energy and environmental advocates, Diana Williams, and Marvin Church. The company remains committed to using science to create cleaner energy and to build stronger communities. Aris encourages you to learn more about this program and Aris Energy Solutions.

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