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2020 Census Update: Average Grades and Response Rates

If a person correctly answers 75% of the questions on an exam, that person would receive a letter grade in the “C” range. And anything connected to a “C”, whether it be a plus (+) or minus (-), is accepted as average. For Census 2020, Westchester County is trying to achieve an overall response rate of 75%, which is comparable to an average grade of “C”. Based on recent data, ten municipalities in Westchester reported Census 2020 responses equal to or higher than average: Ardsley (77.9%), Briarcliff Manor (77.7%), Croton-on-Hudson (77%), Hastings-on-Hudson (76.8), Lewisboro (75.1%), New Castle (77.7%), Pelham Manor (77.8%), Rye Brook (75.9%), Scarsdale (78.8%), and Yorktown (75%). The next tier of nine municipalities are within reach of the 75% goal, with response rates in the range of 70.5% - 72.8%. Of the remaining municipalities, 17 reported responses in the 60.4 - 69.6% range. The final tier of 7 has quite a bit of work to do to avoid receiving a failing grade. Similarly, New York’s response rate of 57.6% places it in the failing category. New York currently ranks 38 out of the 52 geographies for which the Census Bureau is counting responses. The less than satisfactory count will prevent New York and Westchester County from receiving its rightful share of representation in Congress and full allocation of resources for essential programs in education, transportation, community development, and other areas. Census 2020 is not graded on a curve and its arc is finite. Funding flows to municipalities with “C” and above average response rates. Each household that is counted contributes to New York and Westchester County earning the grade. Make us count. Complete the Census online (, by phone (1-844-330-2020/English and (844) 468-2020/Spanish), or by mailing back the Census form.

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