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2020 Census Update: Rooting for the Underdog and Response Rates

From biblical times to the present day, a story with an underdog is memorable. David was the underdog in the fight against Goliath. America was the underdog in the war against the British. Barack Obama was the underdog in the fight to become the 44th President of the United States of America. The battle between the underdog and top dog reflects the principles that define the American dream - democracy, liberty, freedom, equality, rights, the opportunity for success, and prosperity. The battle to achieve the American dream and social justice is being fought today by the Black Lives Matter movement throughout the U.S.A. and abroad. The battle to secure legislative representation and funding is being fought locally via the Census 2020. Recently released Census 2020 Response Rates places Scarsdale (78.7%), Ardsley (77.8%), and Pelham Manor (77.8%) in the top dog category. The underdog category includes Mount Vernon (49.3%), Port Chester (50.3%), and Yonkers (54.8%). Even though approximately 20% separates the top dogs from the underdogs, the underdogs should not be ruled out because “every shut eye ain’t sleep”. Michael Spano, Mayor of the City of Yonkers, recently released a Census 2020 public service announcement featuring Grammy Award-Winning Salsa Artist, Willie Colon. Shawyn Patterson Howard, Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon, launched Census 2020 phone outreach in partnership with the NALEO Educational Fund, NY Immigration Coalition, NY Counts 2020, and the NY Civic Engagement Table. And Richard Falanka, Mayor of the Village of Port Chester, can be found on Facebook encouraging constituents to complete the Census. Elected officials are committed to increasing Census 2020 Response Rates. They know each person counted can bring funding for schools, healthcare, and infrastructure projects. The Census Bureau estimates that every person that is not counted equals a loss of approximately $2,500 per year to local municipalities. The Census can be completed online (, by phone (1-844-330-2020/English and (844) 468-2020/Spanish), or by mailing back the Census form. Only in America can we dream and believe that 44 is greater than 45. The underdog has risen to beat the odds time and time again. Mount Vernon, Port Chester, Yonkers, we’re rooting for you!

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