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Sports and the Struggle for Justice: A Virtual Town Hall Event

Do you know the story of Fritz Pollard? Refusing to be defined by a society that had subjugated African Americans for centuries, Frederick Douglas “Fritz” Pollard defied the odds to become the first African American head coach in the National Football League. His story is just one example of how the world of sports often is a microcosm of society and the role leagues and athletes have in dismantling structural inequalities. Join us on Thursday, June 18 at 5 P.M. ET for a special screening of Fritz Pollard: A Forgotten Man, followed by a town hall discussion, moderated by sportscaster Mike Hill, with current and former NFL Players at 6 P.M. ET.

Through the stifling grip of Jim Crow segregation, the aspiration of the Civil Rights movement, the inspiring emergence of African American economic and political power, and the continued and exhausting fight for fair and equal treatment, football, and the arena of sports, have always reflected the challenges seen in the larger society. Now that we find ourselves in the midst of another fervent human rights movement, it is important that we draw inspiration from the leaders who broke down previous barriers.

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