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Yonkers NAACP Outraged at the Murder of Mr. George Floyd

America has had a long standing history of abuse, injustices, and inequities against the African American community. We have been subjected to the wealth of America’s disenfranchisement, marginalization, and social infringements since we arrived on the continent. Many atrocities have faced the black community and it has become more evident each time we have to experience the abuse that comes at the hand of law enforcement. The death of Mr. George Floyd of Minneapolis brought home to our community the imagery of lynching due to the manner of how Mr. Floyd died.

The Yonkers Branch of the NAACCP is outraged because of the horrific and repugnant murder of Mr. George Floyd by Officer Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer, who unmercifully pinned him down with his knee on his neck until Mr. Floyd expired. Mr. Floyd screamed repeatedly, “I can’t breathe - I can’t breathe!” While his voice whispered to lifelessness, two other officers held his lower extremities down and another police officer was also just as complicit keeping civilian onlookers who were trying to intervene at bay.

This incident adds to a string of occurrences in the last few weeks and too many incidents to count in the U.S. over hundreds of years. Racism and bias coupled with policing are a lethal combination for black people in America. Racism is America’s original sin and it has infected this country since its beginning. The virus of discrimination continues to seep into every aspect of American life.

As the President of this local branch, I commit that The Yonkers Branch of NAACP stands with the community of Minneapolis in solidarity that justice must be done. The Yonkers Branch of NAACP stands with the community of Yonkers to rid our own community of racism and disparities that plague our black community. The Yonkers Branch of NAACP stands with the Yonkers community to bring attention to injustices and work for resolution and reconciliation.

Our nation needs healing, but there can be no healing without repentance and justice. As one of the oldest civil rights organization on America’s soil, the Yonkers Branch of NAACP will continue to work tirelessly as a local unit to address racism, inequities, oppressive policies and practices that impact the life, health, social and economic mainstay of our Yonkers black community and vicinity.

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