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2020 CENSUS UPDATE: Transportation and Response Rates

WHITE PLAINS, NY -- (5/25/2020 -- Results of the 2020 Census will impact how much federal money New York receives for its roads. Transit agencies like the New York State Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are encouraging people to complete the Census because its results affect how more than $675 billion in federal funding is spent on transportation. The Census Bureau estimates that every person that is not counted equals a loss of approximately $2,500 per year to local municipalities. Every 400 people who are not counted equates to a loss of about $1,000,000 in funding each year -- for the next ten years. Everyone living in Westchester County should be counted so its towns, villages, and cities do not lose out on federal dollars to support local programs and services. Peekskill, White Plains, and Yonkers might want to increase their 2020 Census response rates to ensure the continued presence of a DMV in their community. An increase in responses could translate into more transportation resources throughout Westchester County. Complete the Census online ( or by phone (1-844-330-2020). How many Census 2020 responses has your city/town/village submitted? Check the list.

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