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Latimer Directs County Health Department to Test All Westchester Nursing Homes for Covid-19

(White Plains, NY) –Westchester County has been granted permission by New York State to begin testing in all nursing homes. Westchester County Executive George Latimer directed the County’s Department of Health to test all Westchester nursing homes for the virus beginning on Monday, May 4.

Latimer said: “Nursing homes have accounted for a significant number of fatalities. Obviously, residents there have existing health care issues and that creates a climate for the worst possible scenario. Advanced age has been the single demographic that links the vast majority of Covid-19 related deaths and this is an important part of what we as the County are doing.”

Due to the challenges facing nursing homes, the County has been prepared for the pending approval by the State and was ready to get to work right away. The Department of Health started work at the Victoria Home in Ossining on Monday.

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