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Gov. Cuomo Signs Into Law Election Reforms

Governor Cuomo has signed into law election reforms that will make it easier for New Yorkers to vote and be counted in November. The three-part package includes a new measure which allows absentee ballot applications to be submitted to the Board of Elections immediately. A second measure gives voters the right to request an absentee ballot due to risk of illness to themselves or others, meaning that concern about contracting COVID-19 is now a valid reason for requesting an absentee ballot. The third measure ensures that all absentee ballots postmarked on or before Election Day or received by the Board of Elections without a postmark on the day after Election Day will be counted. Ballots with a postmark demonstrating that they were mailed on or before Election Day will be counted if received by November 10. Please remember, voters also may drop off absentee ballots at any early polling site, or any election day polling site, or at the County Board of Elections office at 25 Quarropas St., White Plains, until the close of voting on Election Day. For more information visit

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