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NYS Coronavirus Update: A Message to Partiers in NYC -- Setting Up Testing Sites in Georgia -- Over

(Published 7/20/20) Over the weekend we saw photos and videos of New York City residents gathering and drinking in large crowds, without socially distancing and without wearing masks, in Astoria and on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. That’s not New York Tough and it definitely isn’t New York Smart. The virus is still out there and it’s a threat. Even if you are in your twenties, you can get sick and you can get other people sick. So my message to partiers is simple: Knock it off and don’t be stupid. Here’s what else you need to know tonight: 1. New York City entered Phase 4 today but without indoor activity. At this point, additional indoor activity at malls, restaurants or cultural institutions will not be permitted. Read more about Phase 4 here. 2. New York State will establish two testing sites in COVID-19 hotspots in Savannah, Georgia. The sites, located in Temple of Glory Community Church and Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship, will provide up to 500 tests per day. Both sites are located in highly-impacted minority communities. Residents can schedule tests by appointment by calling 833-697-4728. Americans from across the country helped us when we needed it most, and NY is committed to returning the favor. 3. The number of total hospitalizations continues to drop. Yesterday there were 716 total hospitalizations, the lowest since March 18. The State conducted 49,342 tests, of which 519, or 1.05%, were positive. Sadly, we lost 8 New Yorkers to the virus. 4. To date, New York State has conducted over 5 million tests. That’s more than one test for every four New Yorkers. New York conducts more COVID diagnostic testing than any state or country. Remember: Every New Yorker is now eligible to get tested. Find a testing site near you today. Tonight’s “Deep Breath Moment”: Through the end of July, grab some binoculars and head outside to hopefully catch a glimpse of the comet NEOWISE as it passes Earth. The comet is usually visible about an hour and a half after sunset and the next time this comet will be visible from Earth is in another 6,800 years. Ever Upward, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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